Genium Group Inc. was established in 1984 when it was spun-off from the General Electric Company. During the past two decades, Genium has established a worldwide reputation as a publisher of information products that help make the workplace safer, smarter, and more professional.

Genium publishes information products used in five primary applications:

Workplace Safety and Health
Genium is perhaps best known as a publisher of reliable, user friendly hazardous materials information. Safety professionals, trainers, and emergency response personnel use Genium produced hazmat references to help employers and employees protect themselves from the dangers and liabilities associated with chemicals commonly found in the workplace. Genium's world famous MSDS Collection on CD-ROM is one of the most popular hazmat references ever published.

In addition to hazmat references, Genium also publishes a successful, widely used line of Pocket Publications and Workplace Posters. These affordable tools help employees better understand and remember the keys to protecting themselves from the most common causes of job-related accidents, injuries, and illnesses. Over 2,500,000 North American workers use Genium Pocket Guides to help them work more safely and productively.

Genium's roots as a GE business provide our company with a solid foundation of engineering expertise. Our engineering information products contain frequently needed, easy-to-use information that is difficult to find in any other single source. Products like Genium's Modern Drafting Practices & Standards Manual on CD-ROM, Heat Transfer/Fluid Flow Data Books, and International Metallic Materials Cross Reference software are used by engineers around the world to save time, reduce costs, improve the quality of finished products and communicate more effectively with other engineers and customers.

The Internet has changed the way the world's technical community works and communicates. Learning how to better use and take advantage of the world's largest network is quickly becoming a top priority of every business and organization. Genium publishes information tools that help internetworking professionals prepare and study for coveted networking certifications. Our company also produces a Pocket Guide that helps teachers better understand and utilize the Internet in their classroom.

Environmental Analysis
Genium publishes a complete line of references to assist those involved in environmental analysis. Like all of our other products, this series of information tools help these professionals get their work done faster and achieve more accurate results.

E-Commerce Education
Genium publishes a unique e-commerce curriculum for high school and college students that enables them to operate a real-world e-commerce business right from their classrooms. This revolutionary curriculum comes with a fully functioning website and comprehensive, interactive lesson plans.

When Genium split off from GE, all of our products were available only in hard-copy format. Today, each of our best-selling information tools is available on CD-ROM.

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